November 26, 2019 (TUESDAY)

    For the week of Thanksgiving, we are offering one of our more popular dishes (beef stew) plus some side dishes to take to your Thanksgiving feast.

    Beef Stew:
    Quality beef slow cooked with veggies (carrots, onions, turnips, potatoes) in a red wine sauce. This is a dish you would take home and re-heat. It also freezes well. $22 for a quart-size container, which should be 2-3 servings. This can be accompanied by your own rice, pasta, potatoes or some nice bread, or you can just enjoy it as is. We only do this about once or twice a year, so stock up!

    We will also offer an appetizer:

    Spanakopita Rolls:
    aka “Spinach Pie.” A Greek favorite: spinach and a blend of five cheeses baked in buttery filo dough. These small appetizer sized rolls will come frozen and will last at least three months in the freezer. They can easily be taken straight from there to your oven. $24 for 1 dozen or $46 for 2 dozen. This is a great dish to have around for the holidays! Grab a few to always have something available for company or unexpected guests.

    Thanksgiving Side Dishes:
    The following will be presented in a foil pan (known as a half size steam table pan) which is approx. 11X13. We will provide 12-14 standard servings. Note that “servings” can be in the eye of the beholder. For your family, it might be 20 servings, for others it might be 12. It depends on how many other dishes you are offering and how big your appetites are. But chances are you’ll have leftovers.

    These will be available for pick up at the Zest Catering Kitchen on Tuesday, November 26, between 12:30PM-4:30PM. The Zest Catering Kitchen is located at 1501 Ridgewood in Holly Hill. It’s on the East side of US1 between Flomich and 15th (a white two story building). You will turn onto 15th to park behind the building and enter our unit #106 from the parking lot side.

    If this pick-up location / time frame doesn’t work for you, please don’t let that be a reason not to order. Just let me know. We can almost always work something out.

  • Green Bean Casserole (Not the Lipton Soup kind!):
    Fresh green beans, mushrooms, and sweet peppers are drizzled with balsamic vinegar, enhanced by goat cheese and cream cheese and then topped with caramelized onions that are tossed in seasoned bread crumbs. – $45

  • Sweet Potato Casserole
    Topped with pecans, brown sugar and marshmallows. -$45.

  • Corn Casserole
    This dish combines corn with corn bread and is made a little yummier by being topped with shredded cheddar. – $35

    It’s easy to order!

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    *All prices are subject to 6.5% sales tax.

    **Cash, credit cards or checks accepted. Checks should be payable to Zest! Catering.

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