COVID-19 Processes:

  • We are in the food preparation business and as such are continuously and regularly mindful of food safety requirements. This includes hand-washing, glove-wearing, sanitizing, temperature control and other precautions that we engage in on a normal basis. We will continue and step up all of these activities as we prepare food during these crisis times. But we totally understand if you are not comfortable ordering.
  • As you know, ingredients are in shortage. We will do our best to fulfill the orders as outlined in the menu, but there may be necessary substitutions. We will try to keep customers informed, but we may also have to make an executive decision on the fly.
  • On a related note, we use fresh products whenever possible and will continue to do so. But due to availability concerns, we may use frozen items (i.e. frozen veggies, frozen chicken or beef, etc.).
  • We are going to move the ordering deadline up to NOON THURSDAY. Please do your best to reply to this email with your order ASAP.
  • If you receive delivery at your home or work place, we encourage you to arrange to leave a cooler out front with ICE so that we can attempt a “no contact” delivery. If that’s not possible, we’ll work around it. If you need to receive your food differently than normal, please let me know so we can plan for the change.
  • If you pick up at a location (Trails, Nature’s Garden, Honey Baked Ham), please be mindful of hand washing, sanitizing and other precautions to keep yourselves and the staffs safe.
  • If you pick up from the Trails, we will invoice credit card customers in advance. We will ask check writers to place their checks directly into my ziplock bag (no need to put your check into a baggie – just another thing to fiddle with). We will accept cash but ask customers to provide exact change. (Making change with gloves and a mask on is a challenge and encourages extra interaction within 6 feet of distance.)

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Pickup Locations

Pick-Up is on Mondays. Some locations have extended availability.

The Trails Racquet Club
300 Main Trail; Ormond Beach
4:30PM to 5:45PM
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Nature’s Garden
58 W. Granada; Ormond Beach
1:00PM to 4:45PM
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The Zest Catering Kitchen
1501 Ridgewood Ave. #106; Holly Hill
By appointment
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Honey Baked Ham
in Daytona behind the Volusia Mall
2:45PM – 3:45PM

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Home or office delivery is also an option. Contact Us