Five years ago I was introduced to Zest by a friend when I had my third child. Fay and her food have been feeding my family at least once a month since then. Not only is the food amazing and delicious, but we have gotten to try some great new recipes we would have never made. I promise once you order you won’t regret it.

Shea Davis Williams Michele & Group, Inc.

I found Fay and her Zest! team several years ago and don't think I've missed a week of ordering since. Every dish is just that good! I appreciate the ease of knowing I'll be able to put dinner on the table even when I'm too tired, or hot or just out of ideas! Many of the meals freeze well. So if my plans for the week change, it's not a problem. The portions are generous, and pricing reasonable especially given the quality of ingredients. I’ve even sent her meals as gifts! And she delivers! How easy is that? I just can't praise Fay and her team enough!

Jamie & Rick Schertler Ormond Beach

Getting our meals on Monday make out for such a nice week especially on the nights that we are getting home late from work and we know our meal only needs to be popped in the oven and will be delicious! Thank you Fay!

Stacy Cunningham Welch

We have been ordering at least 2 meals a week from Fay for the past several years. We moved to FL from The West and love Fay's delicious dishes. I can't buy & make myself the food she delivers for the prices she charges. In retirement it really helps to break up all the cooking with creative dishes and great food. I highly recommend Fay & Zest Catering!!

Betsy & Tracey Miner Plantation Bay

The food from zest is always fresh and delicious. I also love the personal touch when ordering! It's like having special meals made by your Mom whenever you want.

Janet & Donnie Tedder Breakaway Trails

My family and I love the convenience and delicious food Zest Express prepares, without fail every week. I am super picky about the quality of ingredients and menu selections. Fay never disappoints! Everything we have ordered is so flavorful and fresh. In addition to meals for my family, I also order meals every week for my elderly parents who are disabled and not able to cook for themselves. Fay delivers the meals right to their doorstep and they love the dinners she prepares. The portions are very generous and they always have left-overs for lunch the next day. I feel so happy knowing they are eating healthy, delicious clean food-not frozen food or take-out! Thank you Fay! You have given us the gift of family around the table sharing a meal-without the shopping, the preparation or the clean-up!

Kristin Shamlou

I can understand why there is an ‘!’ after Zest! The weekly Meals-To-Go has been a total game changer for my very on the go family. Each week we can count on delicious, fresh meals ready to just pop in the oven and serve! Zest has helped regularly bring us back to the dinner table as a family, and has given us more time together in the evenings. Thank you!

Kahlin Grant

I cannot say enough amazing things about Zest! She makes such a wonderful variety of food, including scrumptious veggies, and each and every dish is prepared with the freshest ingredients and a lot of love. It looks beautiful and tastes delicious! Fay works with us to make every meal work both for the adults in our house and our two young children, and it is so easy to heat and serve. Fay’s service very much relieves the daily stress to get a well-rounded, tasty meal on the table and has been a game-changer for our family! You can’t go wrong with Fay!

Kelly Parsons Kwiatek and Family

Fay offers great menus and wonderful service, always with a smile.

Marcia Rudman

I have enjoyed ZEST meals for years now and wouldn’t cancel for anything better! Because there isn’t anything better out there! Thanks for your dedicated service through wind, rain and traffic jams! Monday isn’t the same without you!

Georgia Harrington Breakaway Trails